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Discover the beauty secrets every flower holds, and see your beauty blossom.


Roses are renowned for their intensive hydrating and soothing properties and beloved for their exquisite scent.

Why we love it: Mamonde’s Damask Rose Extract is created from 100% organic Damask Roses, which are known for their hydrating qualities.


Narcissus flower bulbs store abundant reserves of water, allowing the flowers to flourish in the early summer when they transfer this water between multiple flower heads.

Why we love it: Mamonde discovered that Narcissus Flower Extract delivers intense hydration to the skin.


One of the most remarkable flowers, the Lotus flower hails its beauty from its raw purity. While Lotus flower roots extend deep into the mud, it purifies itself, blooming clean, vibrant flowers.

Why we love it: Lotus Flower Extract is renowned for its unique self-cleansing, purifying qualities.


Flowering Hibiscus trees yield thousands of flowers in the span of 100 days. Hibiscus awakens early in the morning and fades in the evening, in an expression of infinite vitality.

Why we love it: The term for ‘Hibiscus’ in Korean holds the meaning: “flower of eternity.” Hibiscus flowers are renowned for their ability to reinforce and hydrate skin.


Camellia blooms in sub-zero temperatures during Korean winters. With surprising vitality, the bright red Camellia flowers serve as reminders of nature’s endurance.

Why we love it: Camellia Flower Extract possesses unique collagen building properties.