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The Selaginella super plant has the ability to survive in extreme conditions for long periods without water. This super plant is a key component to SuperFlavonoid™, which is a complex of antioxidizing and anti-aging ingredients that help visibly firm and revitalize skin.

key ingredient in SUPER VITAL ESSENTIAL


The Agave super plant thrives in the harshest of weather conditions and is known for its unique anti-aging properties on the skin, making it a multi-benefit active that helps to both visibly lift and firm the skin. 

key ingredient in ENLIVENING CONTOUR

Cypress Tea Leaf

First discovered in ancient Chinese herbal medicine, the potent extract from the cypress tea leaf super plant is drawn by steeping them in boiling water. Cypress tea leaf extract has the unique ability to soothe skin. 

key ingredient in DERMA GENTLE


Cotton helps protect skin from various environmental factors, such as fine dust and external aggressors. 

key ingredient in IOPE UV DEFENSE

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is one of several actives in traditional Korean Han-bang (herbal) medicine and has been relied on for centuries. This super plant is a key component in Triple Lifting Energy™, which is a complex of ingredients that together purifies, rehydrates, and energizes the look of skin.

key ingredient in IOPE MEN TRIPLE LIFT SERUM