Aritaum (pronounced ar-ree-ta-um) comes from the word “beauty” in Korean.
Aritaum is the one stop solution for all your beauty needs.
Discover the best of Korean beauty.

Our Parent Company AMOREPACIFIC



Since 1945, AMOREPACIFIC has had a single, clear mission to present ‘Asian Beauty’– which is based on the deep understanding of both nature and human to pursue harmony between inner and outer beauty. With the mission of becoming the Asian Beauty Creator, AMOREPACIFIC has continuously endeavored to create a more beautiful world through Asian Beauty.

AMOREPACIFIC considers customers as top priority and seeks to present the greatest experience and satisfaction to customers through excellent products and services. All AMOREPACIFIC’s activities, from R&D, production, marketing, design, to sales, are for our customers, to whom we owe our success and are the reason we exist and operate.

AMOREPACIFIC’s innovation efforts are in line with our commitment to incorporating the vision of Asian Beauty into its products and to driving our customer-centered value. Following the founder’s belief that a competitive edge in science and technology is a driving force behind a leading global company, AMOREPACIFIC established Korea’s first cosmetics research center in 1954. AMOREPACIFIC has continuously pursued innovation, having established research centers in China and France as well as in Korea to deliver Asian Beauty to global customers.

Changing Global Makeup Routines: AMOREPACIFIC ‘Cushion’

Cushion is AMOREPACIFIC’s specially-developed make-up compact which contains a special sponge soaked in liquid foundation to deliver sun protection, moisturizing, brightening and cooling benefits. A first of its kind, Cushion was first developed by AMOREPACIFIC in 2008. The “all-in-one” product revolutionarily eliminates heavy makeup layers and also allows easy application throughout the day.


Coexistence: Beauty for Society, Environment and the Future

As a responsible corporate citizen, AMOREPACIFIC values coexistence with customers, society and environment. AMOREPACIFIC has undertaken various social responsibility activities in the fields of women’s issues, the environment, and culture so that everyone can enjoy beautiful and healthy lives. AMOREPACIFIC’s social responsibility activities reflect its commitment to share beauty and create a more beautiful world. Such activities for coexistence empower and move AMOREPACIFIC forward.

Makeup Your Life Campaign

AMOREPACIFIC’s leading social responsibility campaign, Makeup Your Life, started in 2008. The campaign provides beauty care tips and know-how including makeup, skincare and hair styling as a way to help cancer patients overcome emotional distress and get in touch with their inner beauty and develop a positive attitude towards life.

Pink Ribbon Campaign

The Pink Ribbon Campaign aims to raise public awareness on the prevention of breast cancer and communicate the importance of breast health. The ‘pink ribbon’ is a symbol for improving public awareness of breast health, for female beauty and health, and for freedom from the threat of breast cancer.

Heemang Store

The Heemang Store is a start-up support program to help low-income single mothers. By supporting start-up owners and their families to achieve self-sufficiency, positive changes are instilled in their lives. As a start-up support program designed to provide financial assistance to low-income single mothers, the Heemang Store provides a foothold for start-up owners and their families./p>


GREENCYCLE is an environment-friendly social contribution activity, upgraded from the previous empty bottle campaign that was introduced to recycle resources and protect the environment. AMOREPACIFIC collects empty containers and practice the creative circulation of resources. By 2013, 431 tons of empty containers were collected, and research on the recycling of cosmetic containers without damaging the environment.

Beutiful People, Better Tomorrow


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